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Tout culture is a cooperative platform to promote cultural events in the Outaouais. It’s a quick, convenient way for citizens and tourists to keep up with all kinds of culture. Just go to the calendar, search by date, MRC, discipline or audience to find all the activities throughout the region.

Do you want greater outreach to promote a cultural event? You can use the calendar to advertise your performance, exhibition or cultural event, whether you’re an artist, organization, producer, or a local venue.

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Additional questions? Reach out at toutculture@cultureoutaouais.org.


The calendar is an initiative of Culture Outaouais to promote the region’s cultural offerings, give them more visibility and make them more accessible. Tout culture is a bridge between the public and all the cultural events throughout the region.

The platform will evolve as cultural content becomes discoverable and traceable. We’ll assume a central role as more proposals appear on the Web.

The Tout culture calendar is an initiative of Culture Outaouais.

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Why promote cultural organizations in the Outaouais?

The Outaouais region of Quebec abounds with arts and culture. There are so many organizations and places for arts and culture lovers to discover: museums, festivals, art galleries, theatres, cinemas and cultural centres. 

Tout culture brings the community’s various stakeholders together to promote arts and culture and give residents a sense of pride and belonging. They’ll be more inclined to support and attend their region’s cultural events, which will draw visitors’ attention to cultural attractions in the Outaouais.

Whether it’s strengthening regional identity, stimulating the local economy, improving residents’ quality of life, enhancing the cultural fabric or encouraging intercultural dialogue, Tout culture’s cooperative model encourages people to connect and help the region grow, together. 

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A cooperative calendar

The Tout culture platform invites organizations and players in the Outaouais cultural milieu to showcase their events in one space. Tout culture works with artists and organizers to promote local culture and contribute to the region’s growth.

Above all, as a cooperative cultural calendar, Tout culture allows you to add your cultural events to its programming so they can be posted on the platform for visitors to see.

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Eligibility criteria for contributing organizations and requirements for posting content.

It’s important to establish eligibility criteria for organizations contributing to Tout culture for several reasons:

  1.   Maintain the quality of content: By allowing only organizations that meet specific criteria to contribute, Tout culture ensures that the proposed content is of high quality and meets user expectations.
  1.   Avoid inappropriate content: Organizations that do not meet the eligibility criteria are not allowed to contribute. This will maintain a safe, respectful environment for platform users.
  1.   Ensure the credibility of the platform: By only allowing organizations that meet specific criteria to contribute, the Tout culture team ensures that the information provided is reliable and verified.