Courant by Danielle Doucet

Language Bilingual
Attendence mode Face-to-face event

Vernissage: Saturday June 1st from 1pm to 4pm

Galerie Old Chelsea is delighted to present the abstract works of well-known Gatineau artist Danielle Doucet. In the wake of global challenges, Courant emerges as a testament to the durability of the human spirit.

Through her masterful brushstrokes and dynamic compositions, Danielle Doucet invites the public to join her on a visual journey of renewal and exploration. Each work reflects the artist's introspection and emotional depth, resonating at a profound level. 

Courant is not just an exhibition; it's a celebration of the resilience, inspiration, and transformative power of art.

Audiences can expect to be transported to a world of vivid hues and expressive forms as they explore the diverse collection of works on display, from abstract compositions to evocative landscapes, Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and creativity of Courant by Danielle Doucet.

Galerie Old Chelsea is a collective of regional artists located in the beautiful Gatineau Hills above award-winning Les Fougères restaurant.

For information contact Anne Swiderski at 819 827 8504.